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  • How much does a Mobile Roadworthy cost?
    All Roadworthys are priced by charging the Prescribed Fee set by the Queensland Transport Department, plus an additional Mobile Service. The Prescribed Fee is a set fee if you were to take your vehicle to a workshop to have your Roadworthy done yourself. - Cars & all light vehicles Inspections are $122.90 inc gst. - Uber, company transfers, police defective clearances and COI Inspections are $122.90 inc gst - Motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, trikes and sidecars Inspections are $99.75 inc gst. - All light trailers, caravans and camper trailers are $86.55 inc gst - All HVRAS Measure ups are $85 inc gst The prices shown are fixed prices for Brisbane and Redlands Suburbs. All prices shown include the prescribed fee, the mobile fee and gst. Cancellation fees apply. Please see the cancellation and terms of service policy when booking. Online bookings are essential.
  • What is a Certificate of Inspection or COI?
    A Certificate of Inspection (COI) for light vehicles is for the following: 1 - You are transferring a vehicle from a Company to a private entity 2 - Your vehicle is used for booked hire such as Uber or Didi (you will need a COI annually) 3 - Your vehicle is a Taxi 4 - Your vehicle is a Limousine A Certificate of Inspection (COI) is a different document to a Roadworthy (RWC) It will display a "CL" prefix on the document compared to a "LV" on a Roadworthy Certificate
  • Does Rivercity Roadworthy's do Pre Purchase Inspections?
    YES! We can do a Pre Purchase Inspection for you no problem. It takes approx 2 hours in total (inc paperwork) It includes: - A full check over of the vehicle - A photo shoot of the vehicle including any concerns found - A written report in point form so its easy to understand - A personal phone call from me after the job is done to give my honest opinion - A PPSR Report for stolen and recovery, encumbrance and Wovr. - A copy of the original report check sheet - Everything emailed to your chosen address Pre Purchase Inspections can be booked by clicking the "Book Here" button on the home page. Scroll down the page and select "Pre Purchase Inspection"
  • What is your availability?
    Generally, availability is within a day but sometimes on the same day. To check this: 1 - Click on the book here tab and choose your Roadworthy 2 - Click to book 3 - Click on next availability You should see a list of available times You can now proceed with booking by choosing a time or you can simply just back out of the page
  • When do I need a Roadworthy Safety Certificate?
    You will need a Roadworthy Safety Certificate in Queensland for the following: 1 - You are selling an existing registered vehicle, motorcycle, scooter, trailer, caravan or camper to another person 2 - You are transferring a registration from another state to Queensland 3 - You are registering an unregistered vehicle, motorcycle, scooter, trailer caravan or camper
  • Does Rivercity Roadworthy's do Gas Certificates?
    Not at this time, but I'm working on it! Stay tuned.
  • Does Rivercity Roadworthys do HVRAS measure ups?
    YES! We do HVRAS measure ups for: - All trailers in Queensland that have been unregistered for more than 3 months - Interstate transfers of registration on trailers to Queensland - Specialized trailers - Prime movers - Semi Trailers You can book a HVRAS measure up on its own or you can click the "Mobile trailer RWC with HVRAS" button on the book here page.
  • What is a HVRAS?
    The objective of the HVRAS is to provide people with accreditation to inspect heavy vehicles (more than 4.5 tonne gross vehicle mass) and trailers (more than 750 aggregate trailer mass) to ensure they comply with: dimensional limitations approved load sharing axle systems guidelines safe tyre limits vehicle identifiers (for example: engine number, vehicle identification number and chassis number). Imported vehicles that have not been previously registered in Australia cannot be inspected and measured by HVRAS accredited persons. These imported vehicles must be sighted by the Department of Transport and Main Roads for verification with the vehicle import documents. You will require a HVRAS if: 1 - Your trailer / caravan has been unregistered in Queensland for more than 3 months 2 - Your trailer / caravan is to have its registration transferred from another state or territory. Contact Rodney on 0409870059 if you have any questions or if you want to know if you require a HVRAS measure up before you book.
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