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Fleet Servicing

Do you own a Business with a fleet of vehicles that require regular Servicing to keep your Business running?  This is where Rivercity Roadworthy's and Mechanical can help. I can provide an on site Service allowing you to save time and money. Instead of dropping your vehicle off to Dealers and loosing a day with your vehicle, I can simply come to you or your staff on site virtually anywhere and have the Service carried out right there and then.  Rivercity Roadworthy's and Mechanical also offers competitive rates compared with Dealers to deliver not just a above standard and quality Service, but a cost effective solution to saving you downtime and money for your Business. All work is Guaranteed and Rivercity Roadworthy's and Mechanical is fully Insured and will also comply with any and all safety requirements on site including Covid 19 requirements. 

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CALL Rodney on 0409 870 059 to arrange your Fleet Meeting 

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